Philosophy Of Six Paths Of Pain!

Six Paths Of Pain

To know the philosophy of pain, we need to first look at the history of pain we need to understand why it is the way it is and what influences one’s thoughts and actions.

Pain wasn’t always known as pain, but as Nagato, Nagato was born in a village hidden in the rain during the Second Shinobi War. As a child, Madara Uchiha implanted the Rinnegan in Naruto’s eyes. The Rinnegan’s ability appeared only through self-defense after his parents were killed in front of his eyes by two Konoha shinobi. The shy Nagato had to leave his home to find food and shelter, during that time Nagato eventually became friends and grew up with Yahiko and Conan. The three were eager to learn ninjutsu but also to find food. They then found three sannin of the leaf where Jiraiya would eventually become their teacher. After Jiraiya found Nagato’s powerful eyes, he decided to teach three ninjutsu and saw Nagato’s potential as a sage of six-paths or the possible reincarnation. The three then continued to form Akatsuki to bring peace and end the war. They gather a large number of members and followers. As the land of rain was a land of suffering every ninja war used the land of rain which was in the middle of the land of fire, many people and the land were constantly being destroyed on the battlefield.

Akatsuki’s goal created hope for its followers and members, but this success would not last long as they were already in the third Shinobi war. Hanzo of the Salamander was no longer interested in peace, but to maintain his power and together with the ANBU’s Danzo he attacked the three friends threatening to kill Konan if Nagato did not kill Yahiko. Finally, Yahiko ended his life at the hands of Nagato’s kunai knife encouraging the Rinegan user to change the world as he pleases, this angered Nagato as he pulled Konan out of Hanzo’s claws.

With the death of his friend and the realization of the world, Nagato’s philosophy was born, and the six paths of pain was born using Yahiko’s body and Jiraiya’s former enemies. Pain believed that achieving peace through friendship and individual unity is a naïve and useless way of attaining peace. Pain believed that the world was in an endless cycle of hatred and death and that the only way to achieve true peace was to experience war, basically by knowing the pain, by virtue of this he devised his plan. Pain with the help of new members of Akatsuki, consisting of the strongest rouge shinobis from the hidden village, he captured different jinchuriki to extract tailed beasts inside of them. His plan was to catch every tailed beast and release it upon each village. Once every village felt the destruction and loss, and everyone felt the pain, the fighting would cease, thereby creating peace.

The philosophy of pain is made possible through understanding, once everyone has felt the same pain as he has, they would not want to experience it again, they will all understand what pain creates peace. In essence, Pain’s plan for greater goods, lives lost were for the greater good because more people will survive the pain that will eventually end all wars. Pain wouldn’t have minimized pain but would have maximized the highest quality of pleasure of survival, and achieve the best for the majority of people.

The reason Pain made it so far was because he played a taboo role and was in a position no one should take. Pain decides to become a god when Pain secretly killed Hanzo. After Hanzo’s death, the villagers of the rain saw Pain as a godly figure or as commonly named the savior of the world. The citizens of Rain needed someone to lift their spirits, and the pain was that man, and he was finally starting to see himself that way, but only he had the ability to perform and take on such tasks. With the possession of Rinnegan Pain could be at multiple places at the same time as the six paths. Pain could bring the dead back to life with the samsara of heavenly life technique, he really played a god, even Jiraiya Sensei saw him as the reincarnation of the sage of six paths, along with the Jutsu like planetary devastation and the almighty push all these factors into the facade that pain played.