Story Of Zabuza and Haku!

Zabuza and Haku

Haku was born as the son of two farmers in a snowy village in the land of water. Haku and his mother had the bloodline ability to have ice. Those in the land of water with Kekei Genkai of ice release were feared and used as mercenaries. When the great ninja war ended, they were persecuted, after learning that Haku and his mother shared this ability. Haku’s father killed his mother and before he could kill Haku, the young man defended himself by returning the favor to his father and other villagers. After that night, Haku was orphaned and left home before winter. The demon of the mist or a man named Zabuza Momochi found him. Zabuza was looking for someone to help him and Haku was the perfect tool, although Haku didn’t want to become shinobi, he stayed by Zabuza’s side owing his life to the swordsmen.

Zabuza Momochi began his journey as a young academic graduate from the village hidden in the mist, but before fourth Mizukaz’s term, the graduates were pitted against each other in a fight to the death where Zabuza emerged victorious and nicknamed the Demon of the Hidden Mist. This was done to determine the candidates for the next seven Ninja swordsmen of the Mist, Zabuza received the executioner’s sword after his time with the ANBU and after joining the seven swordsmen.

Zabuza was open about his intentions as he was used, he used other people including Haku, and his goal was to plot a coup on the mizukage which had failed before, so he raised the money by all means necessary and worked as a mercenary for Gato, who hired him to kill Tazuna, whom team seven was employed to defend.

After successfully protecting Tazuna, team seven returned to their last meeting where Naruto and Sasuke would fight Haku, and Kakashi would face Zabuza which left Sakura to protect Tazuna. Before this Haku met Naruto without wearing a mask and Naruto believing that Haku was a girl. In the forest Naruto spoke to Haku, Haku would tell Naruto that his only dream was to protect the man who was important to him and to be of use to the demon. Haku would also tell Naruto that those who fight for others are the strongest.

After injuring Haku in the battle, Haku finds himself weak and useless for Zabuza. Now ready to give his life to defend Zabuza, Haku jumped in front of Kakashi’s lightning blade and was impaled protecting the demon. Zabuza tried to take revenge, but without his hands, he was no longer a threat, and Gato, who later arrived waked over Haku’s corpse, kicked the boy and called him weak, to which Zabuza agreed.

This was Naruto’s first mission where he showed his naive view of the world, but also showed Naruto’s personality. He was tenacious and unwavering in his belief that people should be compassionate no matter what. Later Naruto’s words brought tears in the eyes of the demon of the hidden mist as he asks Zabuza to show affection towards his partner, to show that he cared for his partner.

Naruto opened Zabuza’s eyes and his heart to see how much Haku cared for him so that Zabuza could really show how he felt about his fallen partner. His tears and Naruto’s words would send Zabuza into his final wrath to kill a man who used him and Haku, that man was Gato.

The demon wanted to tell Haku, who was dead, that they were equals and allies, that Haku was not an instrument, that their relationship was mutual.

In this introduction and tone transitions of the series, it suggested several concepts that echos throughout the series. Shinobi lead very unstable lives where they live to be exploited and exploit others in a vicious cycle of fear, hatred, and a thirst for power. They experience terrible trauma and on top of that, they have been taught to be emotionless and to be tools.

When Naruto asked Kakashi if that’s what they meant to do, he had no real answer for his student. The Shinobi world is not a place for a kind and loving hearts. It only rewards the cruel and the strong, but the story of Zabuza and Haku shows that even in their shinobi world, having soft hearts, will resonate with people. It also shows the trauma Haku has been through. The attachment problem caused by his past resulted in his will to follow a demon-like Zabuza from his point of view, whether he survives with the stranger or dies. Haku was alone, no one saw him or noticed him, he had no value and no dreams, Haku always said how it made him so sad, how much it meant for him to have goals, so this is what Haku always wanted to feel needed, feel valuable, Haku wanted to be loved, no matter by who.

Haku never wanted to become a shinobi, he avoided killing until it was necessary, Haku was compassionate. He possessed a rare purity in the world of hatred and darkness, this gave Naruto’s motivation and his ninja way, it established the type of ninja Naruto was and who he wants to be, a character that represents kindness and empathy, and also become the strongest he could be, a shinobi who does not use other people and does not allow anyone to use him.

Zabuza and Haku were victims of a vicious circle, but they would also serve as inspiration for one man who wanted to end this cycle. Naruto had the unique ability to see goodness in everything he encountered, and Naruto believed that they were not bad people, and Naruto’s words and Haku’s warm heart made Zabuza a cold, heartless person to meltdown.