Top 10 Best 3DS Puzzle Games!

Top 10 Best 3DS Puzzle Games!

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros.

One of Japan’s biggest puzzle game meets Japan’s most iconic character. Two puzzle-fuelled RPGs come together as one, with Mario shaping to save Princess Peach back to back with a battle against the 5 great Sky Dragons. Puzzle and Dragons is no ordinary match-three puzzle game. Instead of moving adjacent orbs, you can and drop it to your desired position, so you can unleash powerful attacks with your combos. Stack them against an array of monsters, from the goombas and koopas of Mario’s world, to the Pazudora’s gigantic beasts. Unlike the mobile game, the game includes large overworlds for their RPG heroes to explore. Build your team and dive into dungeons!

Scribblenauts Unlimited

What if you had the power to create anything? Well, wonder no more because 5th Cell’s emergent action puzzler let’s you do just that. Enter Maxwell’s world and solve each of the puzzles with whatever object you can think of. Fighting against your evil archnemesis? Think up some rockets and vaporize that *****. The only limit is your imagination. With this return, the series takes a more open approach, giving players a large overworld to discover and explore. Collect some precious starites by taking on quests and helping out a few troubled citizens. It’s a fun little adventure that lets you exercise your creative juices, making it a great game for adults and kids alike.

Mighty Switch Force!

Following WayForward’s series of 3DS hits is a puzzle platformer that might fill that megaman void in your hearts. The third in the Mighty series, play as a cyborg police officer tasked to deliver justice to a group of convict escapees. While you’re allowed to blast monsters out of the way, the true puzzle comes in switching out blocks depending on your needs. Climb your way out of a pinch, trap foes and eliminate them, or bridge explosive foes to their targets. It’s definitely more puzzle than platformer as you take on a variety of challenges in 16 different incidents.


A masterclass in game design, this 3DS gem teaches us the value of thinking outside (and inside) the box. Part Mario, part tetris–engage in a blocky platforming adventure with Qbby as he ventures around his monochrome land in a quest to save the world. Despite his lack of limbs, Qbby’s got a few nifty tricks up his metaphorical sleeves that will help you traverse each of the game’s tricky stages. Sprout boxes from his body to hook onto platforms, slither away from deadly spikes, and shield from harmful lasers. With each ability introduced effectively in each stage, navigating through its 15 puzzling worlds is delightfully addicting. It doesn’t look like much, but it packs a variety of challenges and a whole lot of charm.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

The platforming superstars are taking a break from their athletic endeavors to partake in an adventure of a more contemplative nature. Nintendo’s twist on the classic Pipe Mania, watch their icons take on their miniature selves as they try to cross a grid full of deadly obstacles. Guide them through the map using directional tiles that appear at random. It has a race against time aspect, where you have to lay enough tiles on the grid or risk losing helpful ones to a time-ticking bomb. If its puzzles are too easy for you, you can always head to the game editor to create your own map! While it’s not your usual Mario vs Donkey Kong, this break from their usual programming is a welcome puzzler for all their fans.

Picross 3D: Round 2

A sequel to the Nintendo 2DS classic back in 2009, Round 2 offers more than enough puzzles to find that little object hidden behind a bunch of numbers. Nintendo’s game applies Picross rules to three-dimensional puzzles. Players must think and analyze over 300 puzzles. It still has the same rules compared to the previous game, but players can now consider two colors: Blue for the straight square blocks and Orange for curved and can cut-out. With the Nintendo tagline, Round 2 is amiibo supported. Adding a selection of 10 additional puzzles in each amiibo used. Critics loved the game for its design, complexity and variety.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Level-5 Games and Capcom brings together two of the most iconic servants of justice in Nintendo history. Just like both of the series’ formula, it’s a visual novel adventure that requires careful thinking and listening. In this game, both geniuses are transported into a strange world due to a young girl. Together they work to uncover the mysteries behind its grim atmosphere. Divided into two separate scenarios, players control both character with different goals. Professor Layton deals with finding clues to piece together evidence, while Phoenix Wright aids accused ‘witches’ on the court. It’s complimentary style of mood and its story were praised by the fans. However, the crossover was a bit of a letdown.


Set in a world created by a kind inventor, follow adorable little Pushmos as they use their skills of pushing, pulling and jumping to solve puzzles. However, a mysterious trickster is throwing little children into its world. It’s up to these little creatures to save them! The game has over 200 puzzles! Players climb a variety of towers that require careful planning. They must push, pull, climb and basically do anything to save these troubled children. Additional features include a customizable map so that players can create their own adventures and share it to friends.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

The fifth in Capcom’s visual novel adventure, the Ace Attorney faces against a dark era in legal history. Continuing the tale of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, defend clients against a new world of fabricated evidence and false accusations. Use your cognitive senses to sniff out the truth in the game’s sea of lies. The game continues with the return of Apollo Justice, and the introduction of psychoanalysis expert Athena Sykes. Test out your newfound psychoanalytic expertise in cross-examinations and find out who’s lying. Check for visual cues, use psyche-locks, and detect conflicting emotions. Save your clients, and the world, with your triple-threat defensive team. Press, present, and punish!

Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask

This fifth entry of the renowned Professor Layton series takes you to a mystical journey of an ancient knowledge. Professor Layton returns in a whole new case to uncover. However, danger runs amok in every corner and our dear Professor needs all the help he can get. Just like the previous games, it’s a visual novel adventure that paces the game in narrative format. Aside from that, players also solve a multitude of various puzzles that block the Professor’s path. With the 3DS’ touch controls, players can easily navigate through the game’s story and puzzles. It was Level-5’s best-selling game since release. The game was lauded for its story, characters and soundtrack.