Top 9 Facts About Team Fortress 2!

Team Fortress 2
  1. The Team Fortress series began as a QuakeWorld mod in 1996. In 1999 the developers of the mod were hired by Valve Software to develop a standalone version of the game called Team Fortress Classic. Because of the popularity of the game Valve quickly began development on a potential sequel. However, the sequel took much longer than expected as the developer wasn’t really happy with the look and feel of the game. It went through numerous stages of development and in the beginning it was planned to be a realistic military shooter compared to the more cartoony look we’re all familiar with today.
  2. When it was first shown at E3 in 1999 it was called Team Fortress: Brotherhood of Arms. But after the reveal at E3 the game wasn’t officially mentioned again until seven years later in 2006. During this time, another version of the game was leaked, named Team Fortress: Invasion. This version had scrapped the realistic look for a futuristic sci-fi game featuring a war between humans and aliens. It was later revealed that Valve had quietly built three or four different games before settling on the final design.
  3. In 2007, eight years after the release of the first installment, Team Fortress 2 was released to the public. In a promotional video for the game called Meet the Spy, there’s a fight scene between the characters The Spy and The Sniper. During the fight The Spy manages to cut The Sniper on the left side of his cheek. After the release of the video, The Sniper’s in-game player model was updated to add the scar that The Sniper actually got in the video.
  4. In early development, the game was planned to feature grenades, and for those of you who played the first installment might remember that grenades were a strong feature in Team Fortress Classic.
  5. The inside of the Virtual Viewfinder has a texture with the text “GAME OVER”. The texture for the HazMat Headcase has a hidden note in the corner that means “SPARKWIRE LOVES PRIMROSE FOREVER”. Both of whom are credited for the items creation.
  6. The Neon Annihilator’s battery has a nod to the Facepunch forums that reads “Death to Facepunch”. If a Scout is blown up, there’s a one in a hundred chance that a dove will fly out of his body. This is a reference to the final scene of the promotional video Meet the Medic where Archimedes is revealed to be stuck inside The Scout’s chest.
  7. The two teams featured in the game RED and BLU is actually not named after the colors. The RED team stands for Reliable Excavation and Demolition and the BLU team stands for Builders League United.
  8. As Team Fortress 2 doesn’t have any type of story or campaign mode to speak of it’s not surprising that a lot of players are unaware of the extensive universe in which the game actually takes place. This universe and its sort of hidden storyline has slowly been revealed trough the use of comics and promotional videos for the game. The story begins in the early 19th century with a man named Zepheniah Mann. Along with his wife, he has three sons named Redmond, Blutarch, and Gray. For those of you who’s been paying attention, this is also the main reason why the teams are named RED and BLU Anyhow, Redmond and Bluetarch were born perfectly normal. But Gray was born underweight, so Zepheniah ordered the baby to be smothered. However, before he could do so, Gray was abducted by an eagle and managed to survive. Skipping forward a few decades and Zepheniah is now nearing the end of his life, and thus, decides to divide the land that he owns into two equal parts. One for Redmond and one for Blutarch.
  9. Given the nature of the game, it’s not so hard to figure out what happens next. The two brothers, each hire a team of 9 mercenaries to take over the land of the other, and there you have the basic premise of the actual game. But, the war between the two brothers continue and in the mid to late 20th century where the game actually takes place. By this time the two companies RED and BLU have been formed, and are now controlled by a woman named Helen, also know as The Administrator. The brother Gray is still alive and manages to kill Redmond and Blutarch who was also still alive through the use of a life extending machine. After Gray successfully assassinates his two brothers, he starts a war against the corporation using his robot army. After Gray takes control, the Administrator and her assistant Miss Pauling goes into hiding, and the mercinaries from both RED and BLU end up unemployed because of this.