Top Playstation 4 First Person Shooter Games!

Top Playstation 4 First Person Shooter Games!

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Imagine that amazing scene in The Dark Knight where criminals raid Gotham’s bank dressed as Clowns? You’re in for a treat. Overkill Software presents the coolest PayDay yet. Plan the most elaborate bank heist with your friends in this crazy co-op game that takes your inner kleptomaniac and psychopathic urges to a whole new level. In Crimewave Edition, experience the thrill of being a criminal in the PS4 and Xbox One. The addition of new content, enhanced character progression and of course, the joy of a successful heist with your friends PAYS off well.


Get inside a procedurally generated world of unmitigated monstrosity. This first-person-MAGIC-shooter puts you into the shoes of a neophyte wizard that is capable of freezing, incinerating, and doing the best that he can do to survive in a never ending gauntlet of death, doom and despair. But the real challenge in Ziggurat is its roguelike elements. You start off with but a simple wand and play with Harry Potter for all you can care and the game gets difficult the more you ascend. It’s procedurally generated rooms offer a different experience every time you venture into it. Gain magical powers, even guns along the way and conquer Evil Carrots and ghastly creatures from myth and legends.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

UPlay and the lack of a single player experience aside, Siege showcases an exemplary take on assault operations blended with amazing sound design. With games that prefer the focus entirely on the Mutliplayer Experience, Siege offers a strategic atmosphere in their 5 v 5 PvP modes to make up for a single player campaign. The feeling of breaching through windows, rooftops, and blowing the hell out of your enemy team is so satisfying. That’s where the beauty of its sound kicks in… when everything is all quiet, you know something is about to go down.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

In this game, everyone asks the biggest question of all, “What if the Nazi’s won World War II?” The most important question takes its most lurid form in The New Order. Play a Nazi-Killing machine and go on a rampage before they can say “Heil Fuhrer!” The setting is absolutely megalomaniac in nature if not for the Nazi Blood, the amount of Swastikas and red colors splattered all over the game. Compared to their classic games, the feeling of living in a whole new dimension is riveting. Critics have praised the story and writing of the game. A standalone expansion prequel also comes with Wolfenstein called “The Old Blood” Out with the old, and in with the new.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

40 years after Black Ops II, this is not Advanced Warfare. Humanity is on the brink of another conflict with the technology they created. Treyarch takes the helm once more with Black Ops III, step inside a future dominated by heavy machinery and futuristic ideals. 3 different modes add layers of gameplay differences in this third entry to the franchise. Campaign Mode follows the game’s lackluster story with new weapons, new customizations and the option to choose your own gender. The Multiplayer is fast with the addition of movement-based fighting and an even more interesting concept of character system called “Specializations”. Zombies, however, is Black Ops III’s other side. Set in a different world where a ravaging terror hits France. Take control of different characters voiced by powerful actors namely Jeff Goldblum, Ron Perlman and more in this crazy trip to alternate timelines. The numbers, what do they mean?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Crazy body augmentations, futuristic Prague, and a clever balance of Stealth and Gunplay makes Mankind Divided, a worthy entry to Eidos Montreal’s cyberpunk franchise. Just recently nominated as our What-to-play Of The Month, take control of this cybernetic baddie in the hopes of saving the world in a complex weave of conspiracies and mystery. Warning: Illuminati involved. The gameplay is a hybrid of Third-Person and First-Person mechanics while putting much more focus on the latter. The sweet body upgrades Adam Jensen opens a whole new possibility in its infiltration gameplay. Take on the best approach to deal with a mission and enjoy its satisfying reward.

Battlefield 4

7 million copies sold; numerous awards and an intense multiplayer experience, Battlefield 4 is a prestigious entry to DICE’s glory days. However, as much as this glory is applauded, its single-player campaign is a very disappointing entry to the series. It was always DICE’s weakness from the start. But let’s not talk about the bad things, the best thing Battlefield 4 offers is their Multiplayer Elements. Choose out of the three factions and demolish the enemy in the most stylish ways. Kits from the previous game are also maintained, new vehicles, weapons and new customization options.

Far Cry 4

Trapped in an island of predatory madness? Check. Protagonist who got in to the wrong place in the wrong time? Check. Psychotic antagonist who thinks killing someone with a non-murderous object is okay? Check. Honeybadgers? Check. That’s Far Cry in a nutshell. This 4th main installment from the expansive franchise brings you to a world of Kyrat. A Himalayas-inspired place filled with deadly animals, crazy tribesmen and chilling tundras. Take control of Ajay, a man who just wants to pay respects to his dead mother’s ashes and eventually embroiled in a crazy civil war. Give him a break, people. New weapons and gameplay modes are added into this game including the new weapons, new predators and a snowy mountaintop to conquer.


How does it feel to become the biggest badass in Space? With all these First Person Shooters that neglect the single-player experience, Doom tells you to look again. Say hello to Doomguy once again and become the fear of every Demon creature in this fast-paced shooter that oozes with the sublime and supernatural gore. I mean, what’s not to love when all you do in a game is kill every living thing that tries to shoot at you? It’s such a huge improvement from the game decades ago and of course, it delivered. However, the multiplayer didn’t quite hit the mark.


Slick, fast, and addictive. Blizzard’s entry to the MMOFPS scene has dominated all the competitors that tries to RIP. IT. OFF. or compete with them. Sorry, folks. Overwatch is a chaotic blend of mayhem and team-play. The 22 unique characters are enough to satisfy your tastes in the First-Person-Genre. Do you want to take the role of a daring Tank? Be a good Support? Be the best damage dealer? Then among these crazy bunch of heroes and villains, there’s sure to be someone you love. Where’s Sombra when you need her?