Top PS3 RPG Games!

RPG Games

The Guided Fate Paradox

Developed by JRPG veteran Nippon Ichi Software, this game revolves around the boy Renya, a high schooler who became a god after winning a raffle. His new mission is to help those who pray to him.

Mass Effect 3

On to the third chapter of the highly-acclaimed space opera, BioWare has delivered a finale worth of praise. The game continues the adventure of Commander Shepard and his squad as they try to defeat the paramilitary group Cerberus and the Repears. Huge improvements on the battle mechanics, story-telling, visuals, and the roleplaying aspects of the game.

Dark Siders 2

This action-RPG, developed by Vigil Games, puts the player in control of Death as he journeys to redeem the sins of his brother War, who started the apocalypse. Fans of action-based RPGs will surely enjoy playing Darksiders 2. An enormous world, challenging foes & puzzles, fun fights, and foreboding atmosphere.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

This is an enhanced version of Ragnarok Odyssey developed for the PS3 and PS Vita by Game Arts. As such, Ace retains the original’s entertaining fighting system along with its smooth overall visuals. Where it trumps is in its added contents & features. New dungeons, enemies, skills, better heads-up display, well-balanced character classes, and many more.

Battle Princess of Arcadias

This is an exciting beat-em-up RPG developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The world has been ravaged by monsters. To expel these vicious creatures, nations sent powerful Battle Princesses! Control your band of princesses and restore peace! Despite the lack of a solid story, the game excels in colorful visuals, memorable soundtrack.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

The world is recovering from the destruction caused by The Dusk! The player takes the role of either Escha or Logy, gathering adventure companions on a quest to unlock the secrets of the nearby ruins that may help save the world. Alchemist of the Dusk Sky stays true to its name with entertaining crafting skills mixed with fast-paced RPG battles.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This single-player action RPG is developed by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games. The game is set in the mysterious world of Amalur penned by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore. Create your own character and explore the expansive world of Amalur filled with challenging quests and powerful monsters! With responsive combat mechanics, a wide range of customizations, and rich storytelling.

Dark Souls

The player is put in a hostile fantasy world populated by monsters & powerful bosses. In Dark Souls, death is the only way out. Fight, die, learn, and fight again! The game has become a measure of difficulty.

Fallout 3

This fan-favorite is the third major installment in the Fallout series. It offers an expansive post-apocalyptic world filled with mutated creatures, Super Mutants, and dangerous levels of radiation. All these dangers along with the freedom of taking your own path to survival – become the villain or the good samaritan.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion continues the tradition of previous Elder Scrolls games with freeform gameplay, enhanced graphics, engaging lore, a vast, vibrant & gorgeous world to explore and impressive combat mechanics.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

In celebration of the series 10th anniversary, A Brighter Darkness forwards the story of the first game. Laharl and his friends are back as they try to regain dominance over the monster inhabitants of the Netherworld. An amazing strategy RPG and the best game of the series.

Dragon’s Crown

The game is set in the magical world of Hydeland. Players take the role of an adventurer on a mission to retrieve the mythical relic Dragon’s Crown…through ancient ruins & trap-filled labyrinths. This action RPG offers a variety of character classes to play, challenging boss fights, and one of the best and most original 2D art on the PS3.

Tales of Xillia

The game centers around the exploits of Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell as they go on a quest to destroy a foul experiment. Xillia stays true to Japanese role-playing game conventions. Fast-paced battles, enjoyable characters, and gorgeous design.


Developed by Hothead Games based on the designs of Ron Gilbert and Clayton Kauzlaric. The player takes the role of DeathSpank on a quest to find the mystical item called “The Artifact”. The game wonderfully crafts hilarious antics, artistic design, variety of spells & potions, and a catchy soundtrack.

Diablo 3

More than a year after its error-filled release on PC, Diablo III’s console version brings all the improvements with it. The PS3 version comes with improvements over the original PC release: a more consistent loot and paragon systems that will keep you playing your character after the level cap, and of course, fewer errors.


The game is set in the Pandora, a planet in industrial ruins, with vast deposits of minerals and hordes of dangerous aliens. Borderlands excel with its satisfying mix of RPG and shooting gameplays; distinct artistic style and unique characters.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment in partnership with South Park Digital Studios. The game captures all the hallmarks that make South Park what it is. Hilarious antics, curse-riddled dialogs, the occasional food-for-thoughts, and many more! A one-of-a-kind role-playing experience that fans of RPG, South Park or both will love.

Demon’s Souls

This PS3 exclusive is set in Boletaria, a world ravaged by a fog that summons demons who feasts on mortal souls. The player journeys across this dark fantasy world on a quest to save the lost kingdom. The game’s brilliant difficulty-reward balance, along with an evocative story, makes it one of the best Japanese RPGs of the PlayStation 3.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls franchise set a new benchmark in what it is to be an ‘open-world’ game. Set 200 years after Oblivion in the snowy hills of Skyrim, the player is on a quest to defeat Alduin, the dragon prophesied to destroy the world. Skyrim’s massive open world, filled with friends and foes, sets the tone for amazing quests & sidequests. Top-notch visuals, compelling stories, and memorable music…overall, just an amazing RPG.

Child of Light

It’s a game that draws inspiration from classic fairy tales we’ve grown up with. Child of Light centers around Aurora as she tries to bring back the stars, the moon, and the sun imprisoned by the Queen of the Night. Praised for its simple yet entertaining battle system, colorful imagery, and a solid story.

Mass Effect 2

This second installment builds on the success of the first game of the series. Mass Effect 2’s interactive storytelling takes center stage. Characters with complex personalities, better voice-overs, and improved roleplaying system. It’s is also praised for its art direction and shooting experience.

Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software delivers another epic RPG-shooter!. As rumors of an even larger trove of ancient riches spread, so are the number of those searching for it. And a new enemy emerges in Pandora five years after the events of Borderlands. The wonderful world of Pandora continues to deliver a worthwhile gaming experience. With technical, gameplay & visual improvements over the original game.

Dark Souls 2

Following the successes of the original Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, From Software continues its tradition of masochistic gameplay. Improved online gameplay. Challenging and rewarding boss battles. Better graphics. Deep game mechanics. And, most of all, as hard as ever.

Mass Effect

It took five years for this epic sci-fi RPG to be released on the PS3…and it’s all worth the wait. The year is 2183. The player takes the role of Commander Shepard on a mission to stop the rogue from leading an army of machines to conquer the galaxy. Create your own squad of elite soldiers, find new weapons, armor & items and unravel the truth behind a greater danger.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

This critically-acclaimed RPG developed by Level-5 is an epic tale of a young boy named Oliver as he trains to become a master magician to bring back his dead mother from the parallel world of Ni no Kuni. The game offers the complete RPG experience: interactive environment & characters, set in a mythical world, a solid story & combat mechanics, and an amazing soundtrack. Plus beautifully animated sequences by the legendary Studio Ghibli.